• Any person willing to know about Contract Drafting can enroll for this course.


Written contracts serve as the foundation upon which businesses are built. Contracts are, in fact, the foundation upon which the economy as a whole is built. This requires the parties to enter into a contract that binds them to their subsequent actions to ensure that the promises are carried out without dispute. This requires contracting gatherings to think of diverse situations and concur upon a specific strategy, frequently in circumstances where the two players’ inclinations could veer. Drafting requires mastery of not only the art of legal writing but also of comprehending the nature of the transaction and its potential risks.

This course will teach you how to draft, vet, or examine contracts to protect your or your client’s interests by explaining each clause in a typical contract. Additionally, the course provides you with some sample agreements and relevant checklists for drafting.

Course Benefit:

  • It clears your understanding of important contract act sections.
  • It provides you with a practical comprehensive guide about how to draft any contract.
  • It provides you with handy tips and tricks to successfully draft and read between the lines of any contract.
  • It provides you an understanding of actual real-life scenarios to be kept in mind before proceeding with any contract drafting.

Why take this Course?

Whether a lawyer chooses to work as an advocate, a legal advisor, or a transactional lawyer, drafting agreements is an essential part of their fundamental skill set. Not only do you need to be familiar with the law to draft agreements, but you also need to be able to communicate your thoughts in words.

It is prudent to approach contract drafting in a progressive manner with an increasing order of difficulty and a decreasing order of generality, even though students would be equipped to draft complex agreements and transactions if they took an advanced course on contract drafting. As a result, the goal of this class is to give students a foundational understanding of the terms and conditions of contracts that lawyers use on a daily basis in their work. People who want to work in transactional practice, especially in law firms and as in-house counsel in corporations or banks, would benefit most from taking this course. This course will teach you:

  • the fundamental abilities necessary to draft agreements,
  • the real-world applications of contract drafting,
  • and the connection between classroom-taught contract law and actual law.

Course Examination: MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) and Q&A Form.

Eligibility: Candidates pursuing law and are willing to know more about IPR can enroll for this course.

Note: This course is open for students & researchers


  1. Module 1: Basics of Contract Drafting
  2. Module 2: Different Types of Agreements
  3. Module 3: Language & Style in Contract Drafting
  4. Module 4: Legal Provisions, Clauses and Problems in Legal Drafting

Who this course is for:

  • This course is open for students and researchers.

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