On behalf of our wonderful team, we welcome you to the All India Legal Forum. It is our immense pleasure to have you here visiting our website. All India Legal Forum has its own sentience that believes in imparting and proliferating legal knowledge to the ever-expanding field of law.

All India Legal forum has been providing legal knowledge and ingenious understanding and knowledge of various fields of law with the aim of generating multiple cultural, political, judicial and constitutional discourses on legal matters, since May 2020. All India Legal Forum seeks to provide the legal community with an in-depth perspective on law-related topics. We seek to make a significant contribution to trends in the legal arena, and also to evaluate matters by offering premium legal content for the public by enthusiastic and academic legal minds around the country. We have launched three new ventures over a short span of time. We also maintain a blog dealing with the current legal issues. We aim to assist and inspire people to write research articles, efficiently and decisively and to advance fundamental information required for research and development.

Some key points about the All India Legal Forum:

  • We are a team of over 700 law students across the globe that addresses fundamental issues in everyday life with legal researchers.
  • We offer free legal notes of top-notch quality on legal topics because they are not readily accessible online.
  • We provide certain free eBooks on drafting and investigation.
  • We also encourage blogs and posts covering current topics in the area of law.
  • We offer notes and other research materials for the preparation of legal and judicial exams to over 150+ WhatsApp Groups.
  • We have conducted competitions and webinars, both national and international, of the utmost quality.

Looking at our progress, we are confident that with our approach, we are destined to achieve success.

This wasn’t done overnight. Each member working in our organisation has contributed to our idea and made it a reality. We might still be far from achieving our goal but we pledge not to stop until we indeed achieve them.

Thank You


Aayush Akar & Shubank Suman,

Founder & Co-Founder,

All India Legal Forum


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