• Any person willing to know about Intellectual Property Rights can enroll for this course.


This course has been designed to cover the basics of IPR and understand the way they can protect findings of research in the form of patents and further realize full value of it by technology transfer which primarily involves the steps of identifying a company’s intangible assets, prioritizing them according to company’s business plans, safeguarding and exploiting them. In order to benefit fully from IP in terms of revenue, reputation and market share, it is essential to have proper IP Management in place.

The process of IP protection starts with identification of the same and formulating right policies and processes to ensure that IP is handled and managed effectively in the organisations. Out of all forms of IP, patent is one of the most important form of IP, primarily because you can protect your core technologies in the form of patent.

Key learnings:

  1. Fundamentals of IPR
  2. Assessing a new idea, its patentability & patent filing process
  3. Significance of technology acquisition and it’s utilization
  4. Trademarks, Copyright & Industrial designs

Eligibility: Candidates pursuing law and are willing to know more about IPR can enroll for this course.

Note: This course is open for students & researchers


  1. Module 1: Introduction to IPR
  2. Module 2: Intellectual Property System in India
  3. Module 3: Procedure and managements of copyright in India
  4. Module 4: Registering and enforcing Intellectual property Rights in India

Who this course is for:

  • This course is open for students and researchers.

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