The key objectives of the Society are as follows:
• To impart a comprehensive understanding of the justice system (adult and juvenile) and rights-based and correctional social work to the students.
• To deliver proper witness protection and ensuring victim compensation to be allotted to the aggrieved on time and made feasibly available.
• Providing due attention to issues as youth and crime, women and crime, destitution, homelessness and beggary, citizenship rights of the marginalized and urban poor, working of control agencies in the larger societal context.
• Research on how to develop a comprehensive knowledge of the major theoretical perspectives in criminology, the historical development of the operations and processes related to criminal law.
• Research on deduction of how policy and the apparatuses of the Criminal Justice Administration come into effect.
• Promoting research and action in the selected areas of victim justice, criminology, and victimology and undertaking specific research projects in the said areas.
• To propose training programmes for various wings of the criminal justice system, including the stakeholders in the field of juvenile justice.
• To analyze and critically examine the laws, policies, and programmes from the standpoint of victim protection, rehabilitation, participation, and justice.
• To strive for providing a Victimlogical thrust in the legal education at the graduate and undergraduate level.
• To organize student-centric initiatives in the form of victim advocacy, legal clinic and outreach programme for extending victims support services.
• To undertake publications and coordinate with various National and International agencies working in the broader areas of Victimology and Criminology.
• To provide a scientific exchange among its members and others by collecting and disseminating information through publications, correspondence, exhibits, regional and international seminars, symposia, conferences and otherwise.
• To advise, encourage, promote and when needed, assist in efforts to co-ordinate or guide research, development and evaluation activities related to Criminology and Victimology.

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