The objectives of Centre for Legal Research, Foreign and Public Policy are to develop substantive policy options on matters relevant to the Indian polity, economy and society; to provide advisory services to public bodies and other institutions, and to disseminate information on policy issues through various channels. It aims to bring researchers, practitioners, and interested members of our community together to contribute meaningfully to policy debates on development, resettlement, insurrection, parochialism and other such significant issues. It aims to provide a forum for discussion/debate and interaction among all stakeholders in the policy process and to build collaborative networks of researchers, policy-makers and business representatives, media and citizens nationally and internationally.

It intends to offer programmes that focus on equipping the students with tools for the analysis and development of public policy not only through theoretical classroom education but also through a more hands-on approach. The Centre facilitates student internships with governmental, non-governmental and civil society organizations working in the area of public policy. It also works for Poverty and Justice Studies with a research focus on issues like the state of being poor, implications of human rights, human development (education, health, earnings avenues and other related factors) and gender studies.

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