The Centre for Legal Research, Foreign and Public Policy aims to be a thought leader dedicated to the principles of liberal thought, democracy, rule of law and economic freedom with prime focus on equity, efficiency and effectiveness. The Centre’s interdisciplinary focus lays on critical social science approaches in its attempt to explore how the practices of law and governance are employed in political, economic, social and historical processes; how practices of governance are dispersed over various sites ranging from the government, bureaucracy, judiciary, community and family; the socio-legal processes that deter or provide access to justice; and notions of governmentality, sovereignty and rights in specific politico-jural regimes.

The normative ideals of justice, equity and freedom thus inflect the Centre’s critical interrogations of existing institutions and practices of law and governance. It is in this spirit that while the Centre’s academic programme produces scholarly research in these areas, it also seeks to translate theory into practices of governance and initiating debates, sharing research and proffering the platform for a dialogue between the academia, government, civil society and international agencies.

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